THIS CHRISTIAN MINISYRY is focused on prophetic teaching and demonstrating the mysteries of our LORD
. Apostle Brown and his wife work as a prophetic team releasing the anointing and impartation with manifestation that unlock breakthroughs. He helps leaders embrace the government and he order of the prophetic anointing through the School of the prophets.
Ordained By Prophetic & Apostolic Church Fathers
Apostle Calvin Brown was fathered
 and prepared for the Christian evangelism field under the government , Administration and the Christian education ministry of West Angeles. He was ordained by Bishop C. Blake , Bishop O.T. Jones and released in 1995. While at West Angeles, Apostle Brown served as Director and Leader of the Evangelism ministry also a faithful worked in 6 AM Prayer and the homeless ministry.
Prophetess D. Brown and Apostle were also ordained in 1995 by Dr. Myles Munroe in Nassau with the pastoral approval of Bishop C. Blake.
While director of the evangelism Apostle Brown began working with Bishop T.D. Jakes’ as a liaison. Traveling the U. S. organizing workers in a city for 2-3 weeks, Holding Workers and pastoral meetings sharing his vision.