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Hebrew: lahaqah (HSN-<H3862>), to gather; an assembly; a company. From this assembly of the prophets we get the idea of the School of the Prophets.
It seems that men who desired to be prophets gathered together to learn the ways of God and to be trained in divine matters.
No doubt they sought God and were anointed with the Holy Spirit as in other periods. Certain men in every age have been spiritually minded and hungry for the Lord.
There were such gatherings from Samuel’s day on (1Sam. 19:20,24; 10:5-12; 1Ki. 18:4,13; 19:1,10,14). Those who gathered in Elijah and Elisha’s day were called the Sons of the Prophets” (1Ki. 20:35,41; 2Ki. 2:2-7,15; 4:1,38; 5:22; 6:1; 9:1). They were the special servants of God (2Ki. 17:13,23; 21:10; 24:2; 2Chr. 20:20; 24:19; 29:25; 36:16; Ezra 9:11; Neh. 9:26-32; Isa. 29:10); and they were the preachers of their day (Neh. 6:7; 9:26; Amos 2:11; Acts 3:21; 1Cor. 14:3,24-32). Here Samuel stood among them as their appointed leader or president of the school (1Sam. 19:20).
Elijah and Elisha were heads of the prophets in their time (2Ki. 2:2-7,15; 6:1). In such gatherings there seemed to be a general Spirit of Prophecy that would come upon all present. At least, this is what happened here. Three companies of Saul’s soldiers had the Spirit come upon them when they came among the prophets (1Sam. 19:20-21). Then when Saul — the backslider from whom the Spirit had been taken away — came among them, the Spirit was upon him again for the time being (1Sam. 19:22-24).