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Dawn Of A New Day Church Inc.. A non denominational  Apostolic Prophetic Word of Faith Ministry. Original from Los Angeles Ca. Our main Church headquarters is located at 900 E. Beltline Rd DeSoto Tx 75115 a multicultural multiracial multidimensional worship ministry.   
 Apostolic Prophetic Church Fathers and Partners
Married 30 Years
Sr. Pastor Bishop
Prophet Mitchell Calvin Brown
Prophetess Debra Brown Co-Pastor


IMG_2710Training and  Ministry Work Experience with T.D. Jakes 1991-1995

.In 1995 moving to Arlington Texas after working for TD Jakes ministry  and release from West Angeles Church of God in Christ the Lord called the Browns the Prophetic Team to a nondenominational prophetic ministry.


Church Covering

Dr. Bill Winston Sr. Pastor Living Word Christian Center, Chicago, IL and Founder FMA Faith Ministry Alliance and covers Harvest Intl.  Dr. Winston prayers and imparts into the life of the ministry and through partnering we are connected to this Apostolic prophetic word of faith ministry.


Bishop Charles E. Blake & Dr.  Myles Munroe    Ordain Apostle 1995 

Apostle Mitchell Calvin Brown was mentor at West Angeles Church In Los Angeles Ca.. In The Prayer  Room work the Altar Call service as the evangelism direction and Found of the Resurrection Walk


1998 Arch Bishop  Veron Ashe

Prophetic Release

 Apostle & Prophetess Debra Brown  was release as Elder and Prophet in Arlington Tx  and witness by  Rocket Ishmael of the Dallas Cowboys AND FAMILY


Prophetic Training 17 Years New York

Apostle train under Arch Bishop E. Bernard Jordan from 1997-2015 a member of the International School of the Prophets and a member of POME


The Prophet, Bishop Clarence E. McClendon It takes years to build friendships partnerships and trust, The Lord puts people together by the Holy Spirit and iron sharpens iron. When there is Love between ministries there is nothing that can’t be done.  The Bible teaches us that Jonathan love David and this is a paradigm that we shouldn’t embrace.

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