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817-773-3975 Use this number for counseling, direction Prophetic instruction, the prophet will be there for you now we will begin to mentor and father sons and daughters in the prophetic and apostolic ministry. God did not release me to be a father until last year when I turn 60

Celebrating the 23rd Year of School of the Prophets
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Date: 2020

From: Apostle Mitchell Calvin Brown

Subject: Preparation for Prophetic Ministry School of the Prophets

To: School of the Prophets Company of Prophets Sons of the Prophets

Introduction: School of the Prophets is a University of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding with Prophetic Counseling, Prophetic Direction and Apostolic Authority that leads you in different directions of your life that you may succeed. Israel Programs at Princeton University ,Harvard University were first to have School of the Prophets here in the United States

History: The birthing of School of the Prophet started in the late 80s but in 1997 in the New York Hilton Hotel 300 Prophets assembled together for training under a senior Prophet for one week. Also, in 1997 after returning from New York under the MASTER PROPHET as stated in (1stSamuel 19:18; Samuel stood over them as they prophesied) Apostle Mitchell Calvin Brown and Prophetess Debra Brown started School of the Prophets in Arlington, Texas.


School of the Prophets: Book 1 Ministry of the Seer, 26 classes, 108 pages. (please do the homework after each chapter)

As you read the information and Study the classes in School of the Prophets one thing you must remember pray, believe, and release your faith and ask God to allow the impartation of the Holy Spirit to strengthen you. Prophets there is no distance in spirit this is not Read this for an impartation. This impartation will increase and it will grow as you study the material. The Ministry of the Seer will begin to open your eyes to new dimensions, as you begin to see things, dreams, visions, discerning the spirit, you will become stronger and more powerful spiritually than you ever could have imagined.

Class Instructions: We have emailed you a PDF The School of the Prophets book, 108 pages, 26 lessons, please do the homework each week before we meet because we will be going over it.

Detail Info booklet: The Information booklet will give you all the detailed instructions on School of the Prophets, mentoring,calling, registration and everything that you need to know about School of the Prophets.

Prayer Book: School of the Prophets Prophetic Apostolic prayer put your name where you see the name of the ministry throughout the book and as things come to you when you are praying at the end of certain paragraphs in pages pray in tongues and then pray for what the Holy Spirit brings up in your spirit as you are praying and interceding using the decrees and declarations in the book.

Eight page teaching book School of the Prophets. This is the welcome information book; this will give you definition of terms that we will use during the introductory process of School of the Prophets teaching.

see the attached PDFs have them printed out double-sided OfficeMax Kinko’s

God bless you Apostle,

And as the Lord leads you can seed tithes into the ministry for covering by going to the website www.J4HIM.org or you can download our app with six free Bibles on it 42 pages and just click donate