#1. Why 1on1 Prophecy:

Prophetic PROPHECY:  When there are situations in life that takes more than a five minute phone call,  you may have a legal battle, you may be involved in a give mastic violence situation, or just dealing with  uncertainty and you want more CLARIFICATION
Many times in the Bible those  that inquired of the Prophet needed a personal one on one prophecy for the nations, family, business or life.
Given them greater insight into life the prophet will speak directly to you personally you’ll be able to ask questions also as part of the call.
Prophetic Consultation  Program:


Personal Prophecy

$125 Per



Talking to And building a relationship with The prophet will give you the Prophetic insight by the power of the Holy Spirit and the ministry of the Seer.  
The prophet brings the unknown into the knowed and your future into your presence.
We have set this Prophetic consulting  program up to allow us  proper and adequate time for appointments to help (you) and each personal individual cases. You will get prophetic direction,  counseling,  impartation ,spiritual development spiritual growth and insight  into what you should do for the next season of your life.